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VITAGRO Holding (, which manages 85 000 hectares of land in Khmelnytsky region, Ukraine, operates in different businesses (farming, livestock, road construction, biofuels production, renewable energy), is interested in supplying grains and feed products. Currently, we propose the following products:

• Corn (feed grade), non-GMO. Current availability for supply;
• Wheat (feed grade), non-GMO. Current availability for supply;
• Soy, non-GMO. Current availability for supply;
• Dried Distilled Grain with Soluble (3 000 t/month). Available from November 2023;

Our storage facilities and factories are located mainly on the West of Ukraine, where we can ensure stable supply of our own products.

We can propose product delivery on different basis with any convenient price formula to you. Exact basis of delivery and pricing might be discussed separately.

We are seeking for reliable and long-term partnerships for supply of grains and DDGS.
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